Prudence companion kit



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Starting the Prudence Quilt?  These handy tools will help

A4 Design Mat (replaces the sandpaper board).  We find this SO much better. Anti slip, perfect for tracing!  Plus does not blunt or damange your tracing pen/pencil.  Cost $16.95

Fussy Cutting Mirror.  Check out the look before you cut into your precious fabric.  Cost $17

Glue.  Everyone needs a refill.  Cost $5.50

Milliners Needles.  Perfect for EPP as they are thin enough not to make big holes.  Cost $6.50

Stick-Its.  Small dots to place on your template to grip your fabric.  Sue Daley has a little demo on her YouTube showing how to use these.  Cost $5.50

Total $51.45.  Package price $46